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about The Band


RPG's roster of experienced musicians features 5 multi instrumentalists performing on guitar, keyboard, saxophone, bass and percussion, all five members are featured vocalists. Our flexible and exciting repertoire can be easily tailored to suite your musical tastes. 

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Ron Palangio

Guitar, Vocals & Keyboards

Ron began playing guitar at 12 and continued to study Jazz and Classical guitar at Mohawk College’s Applied Music Program. He later went on to continue his studies at University where he earned an Hon. B. of Music from McMaster and a B. of Ed. from University of Toronto. Ron spent 29 years teaching secondary school music in Hamilton, now retired he devotes his time entirely to music and performing. Ron's versatility, sight reading and improvisational skills deemed him an in demand free lance guitarist performing in professional theatre productions, big bands, dance, pop, rock and country groups.

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Michael "Muk" Melymuka

Keyboards, Saxophones, Clarinet, Accordion & Vocals

"Muk" is a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist who upon beginning his musical journey at 4 years old, (taking accordion lessons at Walter Ostanek's studio in St. Catharines) has been performing publicly for over 50 years! Besides leading his own bands ("Melo-Tones" from 1972-1985 and "New Vintage" from 1995-2005), over the past 45 years Mike has also had the privilege of performing and recording both in Canada and the United States as a bandmate with Atlantis, Jeffrey and the Juniors, John Gora & Gorale, Eddie Guca'a Major Music, Jan Cyman & The Musicalaires and Phocus. Muk is genuinely excited in joining RPG and bringing his instrumental and vocal experience to this talented ensemble!

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Antoinette Krusto

Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, & Percussion

Antoinette Krusto began at the age of 10, playing provincially for four years with the Spur of the Moment folk group, and later with Stage Crew, a rock/show band, a local attraction at Hamilton clubs and pubs. Her ability to harmonize served her well as a lead and back up soloist, and her rhythm guitar, harmonica and percussion skills deem her to be a valuable addition to RPG.

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Harold Lee

Drums & Vocals

Harold has performed professionally for 40 years in various groups. Some notable people he has played with are Hamilton legends Jackie Washington, Daniel Lanois and Laura Cole. Harold has toured across the country with well known Toronto Rock act Blue Maxx and has shared the stage with Kim Mitchell and The Downchild Blues Band.

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Kevin Doyle

Bass & Vocals

Kevin started playing bass at the age of 15 when a group of friends wanted to start a band, but didn't have a bass player. He joined the Army at the age of 19 and sold his bass for some unremembered reason which probably made sense at the time. Upon return from his tour in Afghanistan in early 2009, he took up the bass again after a hiatus of 29 years. For the past few years, Kevin has been playing in a "Celtic/East Coast music" band (Doyles and Dunn) playing bass, guitar and bodhrán, while singing the odd tune. Having retired from the Canadian Forces after 36 years, Kevin joined RPG in March 2017.



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